Help the community heal

Disasters affect every person differently. During the recovery phase, community members may be eager to share their stories or may exhibit signs of post-traumatic stress. Sonoma County Library encouraged community members to contribute to a “gratitude tree” in each of its branches, following the 2017 Northern California wildfires Library leaders should anticipate a range of […]

Hold the space for recovery

The library’s role as a meeting place and community space may take on additional importance in the aftermath of a disaster. During recent wildfires, power shutoffs and snowstorms, libraries throughout Northern California have provided a safe haven for residents who are not able to return home. Following the 2019 Kincade Fire, which saw nearly 190,000 […]

Connect patrons with recovery tools, resources and supports

Following a disaster, community members need help from sources they trust. Butte County created a dedicated website with resources and supports for Camp Fire survivors. Patrons may come to the library for information on a wide range of recovery-related topics, including local resources, financial assistance, and insurance claims. They may need help navigating complex applications […]

Reopen library facilities

Once the immediate threat from a disaster has abated, reopening can begin. Depending on the type of disaster, libraries may need to contend with water, smoke or structural damage, downed trees or powerlines, and power outages. Library leaders may need to coordinate with city or county officials, as well as facilities, building and maintenance staff […]