Secure critical documents and collections

Although some disasters will require immediate evacuation of library facilities, staff members will often have time to gather key materials. Staff and volunteers pack up books at the Burney branch of the Shasta Public Libraries. If feasible, secure emergency contacts, vital records and log-in information for the library’s online accounts before evacuating. Traditionally, copies of […]

Coordinate continuity of library operations

The severity and duration of a given disaster will be determining factors in whether the library can continue “normal” operations during the immediate response phase. During the 2019 Kincade Fire, the Sonoma County Library faced large-scale evacuations and power shutoffs across its service area. Sonoma County Library staff provide services to evacuated community members during […]

Implement your disaster response plan

Disasters may occur suddenly and without warning. Regular drills and practice before a disaster strikes will help staff and volunteers to implement the plan even in worst-case scenarios. As a disaster unfolds, put library-wide and branch specific emergency action plans (EAPs) into action. Call 911 If someone is injured or an emergency originates in the […]

Communication Resources

In a disaster, clear communication is paramount. The following resources include training, webinars, templates and planning resources to improve your library’s communication. If you have a resource to share on, please contact NorthNet Library System at Sample Plans and Templates Sample Crisis Communication Plan – Georgia Public LibraryThis editable sample plan includes the […]