Supporting Children and Youth During and After a Wildfire

This research study was done in collaboration between Dr. Lindsey Nenadal and her team of undergraduate students at California State University, Chico and the Boys and Girls Clubs of the North Valley. In 2018, the Camp Fire swept through communities in Northern California, bringing massive destruction and devastation. During the fire and in the years […]

Living Under Smoky Skies

Living Under Smoky Skies (PDF) With much of the state seeing worsening air quality, risks increase for Californians, especially those more vulnerable due to pre-existing health conditions or communities who don’t have the necessary infrastructure or resources to endure smoky periods safely. David Eisenman, director of UCLA’s Center for Public Health and Disasters, research on […]

Four conversations to have before fire season

Amid the continuing drought, California communities are again facing the prospect of an early and intense fire season. While state and local leaders are investing unprecedented sums in wildfire mitigation efforts, libraries are also revisiting their disaster response plans. Before fire season intensifies, consider how the four conversations below can support your preparedness efforts. With staff and […]