Carolyn Brooks and Lindsay Fuchs are organizing this fundraiser.

Recent images of the Dixie WildFire ravishing the small community of Greenville and the quaint, rural library in Plumas County, California this summer are heartbreaking. If you ever visited the Greenville Library you would see how friends, neighbors, and families used this library as a valued community space, each individual comfortable here as one would be visiting a cherished friend’s home. Not only was this library a place to connect with others in the community, the Greenville Library provided vital services such as, books for learning and reading pleasure, programming and activities for children, meeting spaces for organizations, internet connections and computers and a host of other critical services. This little library helped keep our community healthy and strong. 

Please consider donating to the Quincy Friends of the Library with this cause so we can begin the process of rebuilding one of our community treasures, the Greenville Library. With a goal of $50,000, donations will go to purchasing books, shelving, furniture and other essential supplies for the Plumas County Library.